DIMENSIONS comprehensive consultancy work includes:

  • Project handling on turnkey basis; comprising of conceptual design, research, fabrication, installation, interior display and project management.
  • Accessibility to a wide range of building materials and furnishings.

We have a team of professional workforce, highly skilled to take up interior contract projects and have the capacity to mobilize additional manpower when needed, all the projects undertaken go through stringent quality control standards supervised by trained staff to ensure quality and durability.


DIMENSIONS have delivered many projects in and outside Islamabad. The company has a track record for developing and sustaining good relations with clients and has earned a reputation for completing projects to the entire satisfaction of the customers AND within scheduled time.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is driven by two basic principles:

(1) Our client’s philosophy & culture must be enhanced creatively in our design solution.

(2) The design solution should address our client's financial objectives & deadline constraints.

Our design solution is based on various factors such as:

(1) The space - dimensions, construction, potential and limitations.

(2) The use of space - work or leisure.

(3) The significance of space - power, security, achievement, serenity.

Other factors include: accessibility, lighting, acoustics, seating, storage, health & safety. No matter how simple or complex a project, DIMENSIONS will always work enthusiastically with you. More so, our design solution is not based on imposition but consultation; with the goal to understand your space, your plan, and your needs.

Work Methodology

We have a simple work methodology; to deliver projects on time and within budget without conceding on quality. We strongly believe that the quality of our services should not be compromised no matter how heavy the workload. In order to meet this end, each project is executed under the management of a principal / partner, who is responsible for the overall administration and control of the project from its inception to completion.


In today's competitive world, quality is a prerequisite and we are committed to excellence and attention to detail. We believe that designing an interior aesthetically is an art itself, hence we strive to achieve perfection in all our endeavors. Strict measures are undertaken to maintain the desired quality standards at all levels. We also aspire towards continuous improvement and innovation of services that we offer.